Xerox toonaangevend in Quocirca Cloud Print Services 2022

Xerox is benoemd tot Leader in the Quocirca’s 2022 Cloud Print Services Landscape report (24 mei 2022).

Xerox kreeg deze eretitel omwille van haar baanbrekende strategische visie en aansluitend service aanbod in vergelijking met de collega’s in de printindustrie.

Het rapport vermeldt tevens, “Xerox is on a cloud-first development path. We architect our solutions to be multi-tenant, native cloud applications rather than simply moving an on-premise server application to Azure, AWS or Google private cloud.  This gives our customers scalable and resilient solutions to support their distributed workforce in an always-on work environment”.

Quocirca onderstreept verder : “cloud-native applications are ideal for the distributed workflow because they have low to no footprint (no VPN), can be sold in a true SaaS commercial model where customers pay for only what they use, are scalable to enable organizations to grow and expand, are IT touchless with no software upgrades or security patches to manage, enable zero trust security and deliver globally consistent reporting and analytics”

Door middel van MPS Advanced Analytics consolideert Xerox alle informatie in één cloud-hosted dashboard.  Zo verwerven de klanten betere insights en dat alles resulteert in een hoger toegevoegde waarde van de investering.


Download het rapport van Quocirca’s Cloud Print Services 2022